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Easy Hand Painted DIY Wood Slice Ornaments

I love love love the holiday season, so of course I love to do holiday crafts too! These easy hand paint wood slice ornaments are fun to make with your whole family. 

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Wood Slice Ornaments Supplies

Wood Slice Ornaments Supplies

All you really need is a few extras you might not already have on hand for this craft.  You can keep it basic if you want or get fancy like I did with added ribbon or embellishments to your wood slice ornaments. 

Basic Supplies:

  • Acrylic Paint (I use this craft smart set in my video).
  • Brushes 
  • Water & Paper Towels
  • Plate or Palette
  • Scissors and Pencil
  • Wood Slices (You can get this set of 10)
  • String or Ribbon to hang

Extra Supplies:

The ribbon, wire holly leaves and wood slices I got at Hobby Lobby. My wood slices did not have holes so my husband drilled holes into them for me. 

The mod podge is optional. I like to use it to seal my painting at after it dries. It gives it extra protection and a little shine, but it’s not necessary. 

Also if you watch my Youtube video below, you’ll see I use the white gel pen for the smaller writing on the joy ornament and I make little snowflakes on the penguin ornament. It was easier to do the smaller details with the gel pen. 

DIY Wood Slice Ornaments Directions

Here are step by step instructions. You can watch my Youtube video below for more detail.

  1. Lightly draw the design you plan on doing in pencil onto your ornament.

2. Paint the ornaments, stopping to let sections dry so you don’t mix paint colors. 

3. Draw any extra small details with a marker or gel pen.

4. After about 10 minutes or so when the paint is completely dry, brush on a layer of mod podge.

Wood Slice Ornaments diy

5. After the mod podge is dry in about 5 minutes, put your string or ribbon through the hole and knot it. 

6. Add any bows or extras. 

Wood Slice Ornaments diy


DIY Wood Slice Ornament Ideas

You can go on my Pinterest Board to see more ideas of how to paint your wood slice ornaments. There are dozens of desgins ranging from easy to advanced. I love the little animal face ornaments!

Last year my husband and I each painted an ornament as a holiday craft to do together. He painted a car he wants to buy and I painted little christmas gnomes. It’s a great tradition to paint ornaments every year!

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