You are currently viewing The Top 4 Essential We R Memory Keepers Products for Paper Crafters

The Top 4 Essential We R Memory Keepers Products for Paper Crafters

Here are my Top 4 essential We R Memory Keepers Crafter Tools that I will never part with, ever! They make my life so much easier and they will make yours too! These tools are perfect for all paper crafters.

Scroll down to the Youtube video where I show one more product at the end that I am very excited to start using! 

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We R Memory Keepers tools

I discovered We R Memory Keepers when I first started pen paling years ago. I realized how many products they had and was amazed I hadn’t found out about them sooner! 

The vast amount of tools they have created to assist crafters is fantastic. Some are more necessary than others though. It’s like collecting kitchen tools, do you really need that banana slicer when you can just slice it yourself? 

That’s why I created this post to show my top 4 essential We R Memory Keepers tools for paper crafters. 

We R Memory Keepers crop a dile

I love this tool so much! The Crop-A-Dile is a must have multi tool that acts as a hole, eyelet, and snap punch. 

It punchs 1/8 and 3/16-inch holes with it’s hole punch feature. After you punch a hole in your project, you can punch on an eyelet or snap!

I feel like eyelets really give the project a step up. Instead a paper

hole, you have an embellished metal hole that won’t rip. This is definitely a must have We R Memory Keepers tool for paper crafters!  

We R Memory Keepers corner punch

This 3-Way Corner Punch is also a must have in my crafters tools collection. It is pretty self explanatory, but it can cut the corners of paper 3 rounded variations: 4mm, 7mm and 10mm. 

I used this to cut all the corners of the sticker sheets I was making for my etsy shop for a while. Now I use it in all my papery craft projects!

This Envelope Punch totally upped my pen paling game. You can make dozens of different sized envelopes with this simple punch. That means any paper can be turned into an envelope! 

I was trying to make my own templates before and my envelopes always came out a little wonky, but now they are perfect because I use this punch. I make envelopes out of patterned paper, cardstock,  

vellum, kraft paper…etc. This is definitely an essential We R Memory Keepers tool for paper crafters.

The Paper Trim and Score Board is essential for obvious reasons. As paper crafters, we are cutting paper all the time. Whether you are a card maker, pen paler, journaler, flower maker or any other paper craft I can’t think of right now, it’s guaranteed you will be cutting paper. 

What makes this board even more special is you can make score marks too which makes the paper easier to fold. 

This is one of my absolute favorite craft websites! Creative Fabrica has something for everyone from cut files to embroidery patterns. There are kids crafts, teacher resources, thousands of graphics and fonts, coloring pages and needlework patterns. 

There’s also thousands of freebies every day, so if you don’t want a subscription, just check out the freebies! 

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