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Tea Dragon Society — My Favorites Series

I decided to start posting a little series of posts highlighting my favorite books and the first is The Tea Dragon Society by Kay O’Neill! 

This is a series of three graphic novels for middle grade and up, so perfect for you to read along with your kids!

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Why Should You Read This Series?

This is an amazingly diverse series filled with absolutely gorgeous illustrations. 

All the characters are part of this beautiful fantasy world where they all seem to be creature-like, not completely human. They have varying shades of skin color, mostly darker shades. 

This series also represents characters who are differently abled (in a wheelchair), characters who speak sign language and characters who are a part of the LGBTQIA community.  

How cool is that??

Who's the Author?

The author is Kay O’Neill. They are an illustrator/author from New Zealand. This isn’t their first series either, so check out their other books!

Here you can read an interview with K. about their inspiration for the series.

All K. O’Neill’s works are published through Oni Press and guess what, they have a ton of Tea Dragon merch!

What's the Story About?

The Tea Dragon Society series centers around a small cast of characters all of whom are part or become part of the tea dragon society. 

The society members all have tea dragons of their own that they take care of. Tea dragons are finnicky, rare creatures that need lots of tender love and care.

When cared for well they grow tea leaves which the owner can then harvest and drink the tea. The tea has special magical properties which you will have to find out about by reading the books! 

Main Characters:

The core characters of the series are the four members of the Tea Dragon Society. 

  • Erik: Swordsman bound to a wheelchair after some epic life adventures with his partner, Hesekiel.
  • Hesekiel: Wizard, Tea Dragon expert, and partner to Erik. 
  • Greta: A young blacksmith who becomes a new member of the Tea Dragon Society.
  • Minette: Struggles with remembering who she is, and is aided by other Tea Dragon Society members.  

Where Can I Find these Books?

You can find them on Oni Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your local bookstore or library. 

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