Have a Harry Potter Party!

This year I decided I wanted to have a Harry Potter Party for my birthday. Yes I am a grown adult and yes I still wanted it! I am slightly obsessed with Harry Potter (if you didn't notice that already).  Here's what I did plus even more great ideas for you to have your own Harry Potter themed party. All ages welcome. :) Harry Potter Party Decorations *Halloween Stuff Halloween decorations are great for a Harry Potter Party. So take out your spider webs, spiders, pumpkins etc. If you're doing a party in the fall you can carve some real…

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Mail Art With Me: How to Decorate an Envelope

Learn how to make mail art with me! Today I'm decorating an envelope for a Harry Potter themed stationery swap. My swap partner is Gryffindor, we got to add that Gryffindor lion in!  Read on for some great tips and tricks as you learn how to get creative with pen paling and happy mail! Watch the Youtube video below to see my decorate my envelope.  How Do I Make Mail Art? I'll start by saying there are really no rules for when it comes to making pretty mail art! You can try to follow what I do here and use…

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The Harry Potter Store NYC Review

So I was dying to go to the Harry Potter Store once I found out that it was being constructed. I not so patiently waited until an opportunity to go to New York City. That opportunity ended up being my birthday! I decided I wanted to go to the city for my birthday, go to the Harry Potter store, explore some vegan bakeries and stop at the NicoNeco Zakkaya stationery store which I'll discuss a little here too, even though I didn't get any pictures. Harry Potter Store Virtual Queue The store opened on June 3rd, so I waited a total…

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Harry Potter’s Pumpkin Pasties

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Fall is Harry Potter season in my eyes and I am so here for it. I made these lovely sweet pumpkin pasties for the first time this season and I can tell you it won't be the last. Don't know what a pumpkin pastie is? Think pumpkin pie in hand held form. Sweet pumpkin spiced goodness encased in a golden flakey shortcrust pastry, ohhhh yea.  I plan on making these again when I do a Harry Potter themed feast and have a movie marathon. Imagine some roast chicken, pumpkin pasties, butterbeer and Harry's birthday cake from…

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Pen Paling

Fandom Mail Art: Harry Potter & ATLA

What's mail art you ask? It's basically just super fancy envelopes and letters. Think almost scrapbooking or collaging except with mail. One of my many hobbies is pen paling and I love to take the time to decorate each and every letter I send out.Each letter has it's own theme and recently I've made a couple fandom mail art pieces that I wanted to share with you, from two of my favorite fandoms: Harry Potter and Avatar the Last Airbender.  I find that my creative process has a mind of it's own when I create letters. I get inspiration from…

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Classic British Treacle Tart (Vegan Option!)

My next bake is so British I couldn’t even get all my ingredients at the super market, I had to order one ingredient online! You might recall this dessert mentioned in Harry Potter... Treacle Tart! I had no idea what to expect from this, let alone the taste.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LWsb2TS_cI Treacle Tart is actually a super easy, yummy recipe that I will turn to if I need to make a dessert on the fly. I even keep Golden Syrup stocked in my cabinet now just for it. The taste is lemony and sweet, and the consistency is mushy and delicious.I used Mary…

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