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September Bullet Journal: Autumn Themed

I know it’s not September anymore, but I still wanted to share my September bullet journal spread for that month because I love it and this theme could be used for any month in the fall season. 

I was really excited to go apple picking and see the leaves change color so I decided to merge both into a fall theme to express my excitement.

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Each month I typically do a monthly spread, a calendar spread for memories, a habit tracker of some sort, and a spread for all my daily lists. I may add something extra or new each month depending on what I’m feeling. 

In July and August, I had a positivity spread. You can see the positivity spread in my July BuJo Spread post. For September I decided to ditch that and add in a Mind Spill spread. In other words, it’s a brain dump page where I just write whatever I want. In September I had a lot of ideas and thoughts running through my head, so I needed a space to write that all down. 

Monthly Spread

autumn bullet journal spread

This is where I put my monthly to-do list and write down all the events that are happening. I decorated it with colorful leaves, a bucket of apples that fell over and an apple pie


memories spread

Here’s my calendar where I write down a few short sentences about what was memorable that day. It’s nice to look back on if I need to remember a specific day or just to see what was happening during the month. 

I drew a colorful fall tree with colored pencils, red, orange, yellow and brown. And since I love sweaters, I just had to write down that quote on the bottom!

Mood Tracker

mood tracker autumn bullet journal

Next is  my mood tracker which I just used some simple fall leaves and apples. I color in each day depending on how I’m feeling and write a few short words on the right side to explain my feelings/emotions that day. 

Habit Tracker & Mind Spill

habit tracker mind spill

Then there’s the habit tracker which I started doing a little differently than the July spread. In the July spread, it was vertical, this one is landscape and I have the day written in the box which I just X out over if I’ve done the habit that day. It’s a little messy, I’m definitely doing something different for October. 

Then there’s the Mind Spill page which I filled up a week into the  month. 


daily spread

Last is the daily spread. This is where I write down my lists of events and tasks for each day. I also leave a little section sometimes on the bottom for weekly tasks if I’m not sure which day I’m doing something. 

I decorated this page with a nice fall tree that has leaves falling down and a little bucket of apples. 

That's It!

So that was my September bullet journal theme which was quite an eventful month for me. Both my husband and my birthdays are in September and I started a professional baking class which I am super excited about. We had a  nice staycation in the beginning of the month too since our original trip was cancelled due to the coronavirus. I’ll be posting my October spread shortly, so keep an eye out!

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