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RV and Vanlife Travel Day Checklist

As full-time travelers, a travel day checklist is essential to get us on the road in a timely manner without forgetting to do anything.

We learned this the hard way in the beginning as I was always popping out of the passenger seat to turn off the water pump or close the bathroom door or grab something on the counter that was going to fall. 

Use this checklist for whenever you are traveling in your RV or Van to make travel days as easy as possible.

Scroll down for a free printable Canva template to keep in your drivers console.

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What are Travel Days?

If you aren’t a full-time traveler you might not know this term. It’s as simple as it sounds meaning it is the days that we are driving. So if we are staying in one place say for two or three weeks, when we are ready to drive to our next location that would be a travel day. 

Usually our RV gets pretty well lived in when we aren’t on the road (aka messy), so we have to clean up and make sure everything is in its proper place in addition to a few things we have to do only on travel days. 

For example, one of the quirks of our RV in particular is our stovetop is ridiculously shakey when we’re driving so we prefer to just take the whole thing off and leave it on the floor on travel days so it doesn’t scrape up the contact paper on our counter tops.

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Why Do I Need a Travel Day Checklist?

You need a travel day checklist to make your life as stress free as possible while on the road! 

This checklist will help you prepare for travel days so you don’t forget anything and have to turn something off or move something while driving. That’s a little dangerous! We’ve done it before, but you won’t ever have to leave unprepared again because running through this checklist will hold you accountable just like it has for us.

I created this canva template so we could have easy travel days. Being on the road is inherently stressful with the constant planning and decision making, so I wanted to try and mitigate some of the things we always had to have on our mind during travel days. 

My Customizable Travel Day Checklist Template

This checklist is fully customizable. Once you copy the template, you can edit it any way you want whether you want to change some of the elements or just fill in your own checklist items. 

I am fully aware that each RV and Van family are going to have their own unique items on their checklist since each person and vehicle is different. That’s why I made this a template, so you can customize it to fit your vehicle. 

Here are the items on my checklist:


  • Put all dishes away
  • Put all electronics away
  • Fill water bottles and put in cupholders
  • Put foam against table and counter (to prefer shaking/sound)
  • Trays in toaster oven
  • Plants in their travel bin
  • Everything on shoe cabinet put away
  • All wires in wire bin


  • Water pump off
  • Bathroom door closed
  • Refrigerator off
  • Stovetop on floor
  • Outside– unhook water and electric. Take leveling blocks.
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How to Edit The Template

After you click on the link below, there will be a page that says “use template”. Click that and it will copy the template to your Canva account. 

Once you have a copy, you will be able to edit it. Just click on the box you want to change and you will be able to delete and edit the text. 

How to Print Your Travel Day Checklist

Once you are finished editing, you can hit the share button in the top right corner of your screen on Canva.

There is an option to “download.” Click download and print it as a PDF. You can then cut it out and keep it where you will see it on travel days! The perfect reminder.

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