You are currently viewing RV Life Diaries Pt 6: Road Trip to TRNP

RV Life Diaries Pt 6: Road Trip to TRNP

After a month of relaxing with family in Florida, we decided to resume our road trip and start heading to some National Parks! We set our sights on Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota and started driving.

To check out our month in Florida, see my previous RV Life Diaries post.

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rv life road trip

Road Trip Days 1-2: Driving through Georgia

On road trip day number one, we got up before the sun and started driving due north. We had said our goodbyes the night before and while everyone was sleeping the next morning, we left in the dark.

It was a long day of driving, but we always make sure to take an hour break for lunch to recharge. To stretch our legs and move around before getting back in the RV for another few hours, we walked around Target and Books a Million in a large shopping strip right outside Atlanta and then chowed down on our delicious Curried Chicken Salad (click the link and scroll down to the recipe card!). 

Target and Books a Million were in my opinion, the perfect stores to have a stroll in. I’m surprised I walked out without any purchases! I’ll consider that an accomplishment.  

Clark Creek North Camp GA rv life road trip

Our overnight stop in GA was Clark Creek North Campground in the northern part of the state. We ended up staying two nights since we drove almost 500 miles that day, definitely needed some rest time!

The spot we picked was beautiful, right on the water with a deck next to the RV. We put our hammocks up between trees bordering the water and worked outside the following day. It was truly a lovely experience there. 

Road Trip Days 3-6: Driving through Tennessee

Since my husband and I were both working, we took our time driving during the week through Tennessee. By that I mean, it was only a couple hours of driving in the mornings before making it to our campground and working the rest of the day there. 

We started off Tennessee with half a day exploring Chattanooga. I got the chance to walk through the Tennessee Aquarium while Claudio had a meeting in the morning. The aquarium was separated into two buildings — the Ocean and River Journeys. I loved the Ocean Journey with giant jellyfish, sharks, sea turtles and so much more. 

Winder Binder Books rv life road trip
Winder Binder Bookstore
Chattanooga Riverwalk rv life road trip
Chattanooga Riverwalk
TN Aquarium rv life road trip
Tennessee Aquarium

Once Claudio finished his meeting, we met up and explored the Riverfront District of the city. The riverwalk was beautiful and we got to walk across the Walnut Street Bridge to get to Cashew, a quirky, new age Vegan Cafe that had some delicious snacks! 

Here’s some other places we visited while in Chattanooga:

The rest of our road trip in Tennessee consisted of campgrounds and work as we slowly drove north. So nothing noteworthy. You can check out the campgrounds we stayed at on Campendium.

Road Trip Days 7-8: Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota

As you can tell by the heading, we packed in as many miles as we could over the weekend. Our goal was just to get up to North Dakota to start our trail of National Parks at Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP). 

Let me start off by saying the interstates we took through these three states had some real rough patches. I guess they call these states the rust belt for a reason! Being in an RV, we hear every single bump rattle our living space.

While we were driving through Wisconsin, a much needed rest stop happened to land on a Carr Valley cheese shop near the interstate. We walked out with a lot more cheese than we planned on getting! Plus some crackers to go with as munched on the road. 

Here’s some highlights from this two day mega drive:

  • So many thunderstorms on day one!
  • More cornfields than I will ever see in my life.
  • Mini golf, billiards, and foosball at Blackhawk Valley Campground.  
  • Many gas stops at Love’s
  • Lots of Cows
  • A terrific Harvest Host stay at the Lavender Barnyard near the Twin Cities.
cheese chop wisconsin rv life road trip
Carr Valley Cheese Shop
minnesota state sign rv life diaries road trip
We've been filming every state sign we drive by!

Road Trip Days 9-13: Fargo

During the week, we finished driving through Minnesota and got to Fargo.Moorhead by Wednesday. We stayed at the Lindenwood Park Campground to finish out the work week and explore the city. 

The North Dakota/Minnesota state border is the Red River that runs in between the cities of Fargo and Moorhead. So if you find yourself in the area, you’ll probably be crossing between the two cities to explore.

I didn’t know what to expect from Fargo and Moorhead, but we really enjoyed our time spent there. Lindenwood Park was beautiful to walk around. While our RV was getting an oil change, we walked over to the Hjemkomst Center, got a tour of the Stave Church and marveled at the viking ship. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend it! 

We also walked around Brewhalla, a trendy, new-age market with a hotel and brewery attached. Why are Minnesotans so into Vikings you ask? Go to the Hjemkomst Center to find out the history!

Viking Center road trip
Stave Church Replica - Hjemkomst Center
Viking Center road trip
Viking Ship Replica - Hjemkomst Center
Brewhalla Road trip
Brewhalla, Fargo

Road Trip Day 14: The Final Stretch to Medora, ND

One more long drive and we made it to Medora, the small town where the entrance TRNP is. 

Along this long, straight road I planned a few stops so we had things to see. First stop was the World’s Largest Buffalo in the Frontier Village. Super touristy version of an old frontier village, but since we arrived right after sunrise we were completely alone! We walked around and of course took pictures with the giant buffalo.

Next stop was at the state’s capital of Bismarck, the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum. Claudio and I meandered through the exhibits learning North Dakota ancient history through to the present. As always, I loved all the fossils. 

After we ate lunch in the Museum’s parking lot, we drove the final leg of our road trip to Medora.

Frontier Village Largest Buffalo road trip
World's Largest Buffalo
Heritage Center Bismarck road trip
Heritage Center and State Museum

Continue to follow us along our RV life journey as we explore Medora and Theodore Roosevelt National Park! To see previous posts check it out here

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