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Postcrossing: Why You Should Join

I’ve been on Postcrossing for a little over a year now and now have dozens of postcards lining my craft room walls! It’s such a fun concept, I applaud whoever thought of this website. Now let me tell you what Postcrossing and why you should join!

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What is Postcrossing? And How Does it Work?

To put it simply, postcrossing is a postcard exchange service. It’s free to sign up! All you will be paying for is for the postage on all the postcards you plan to send out. (which by the way is $0.40 domestic and $1.30 international). 

This is how postcrossing works: 

  1. You request to send out a postcard and are assigned a person to send it to along with a Postcard ID.
  2. Send out your postcard (make sure that Postcard ID is on there, super important!)
  3. Once they receive the postcard they will register it on postcrossing with the Postcard ID and then another random member of postcrossing will send a postcard to you.
  4. When you get that postcard in, register it with the Postcard ID and send some more postcards!

So basically you send postcards out to random people all over the world and then equally random people send postcards to you! You can put on your profile whether or not you are interested in making direct swaps with the same postcrossers. 

postcrossing homepage

Why Should I Join?

Because it’s so much fun! If that’s not enough for you, here’s a list (who doesn’t like a good list?):

  1. Meet People From All Over the World: You get to meet all sorts of people through the mail in postcard sized conversations and through postcrossing messaging. Every time you receive a postcard, you get to send a message back to the sender.
  2. Learn About New Cultures and Different Experiences: Read about new cultures and different customs people have. 
  3. Find New Favorites: People will tell you what they’re favorite book, movie, or tv show is. We also talk about favorite recipes, traditional food, music and more.
  4. Collect Beautiful Postcards and Stamps: If you’re a collector, you will love the thrill of getting new postcards and stamps from around the world. In the summary of your profile you can even let people know what your favorites are. 
  5. A Lovely Surprise in Your Mailbox: It’s so much fun to check the mailbox coming home from work and finding a few new postcards sent to me. I get to sit down and read each one and see where they came from. So much better than bills!
  6. It’s Free!: This website is a totally free service. You’re just paying for postage. 
  7. Great For Families: This is a tremendously fun activity for children! I’ve sent postcards to families before and even school teachers who do it with their class. 
postcrossing profile

What Other Features Does Postcrossing Have?

When you first sign up you’ll only be able to send out a few postcards. As you send more and more however, they up your limit. I’m up to having 10 postcards traveling at one time. The more you have traveling, the more you’ll receive!

The other fun thing about postcrossing is as you send out postcards, the website collects statistics. You can see your activity for the month, how many different countries you’ve sent and received postcards from and more. 

Postcrossing also displays pictures of all the postcards you’ve sent and received (that have pictures attached to the Postcard ID). So you can look at your postcard wall!

postcrossing stats
postcards wall

So basically, you should join! Brighten up your mailbox with some cute postcards from around the world. Enjoy this fun little activity, that will be sure to make you smile. 

Comment below and let me know if you join!

Where Can I Buy Postcards?

Great question. You can go to local attractions: parks, beaches, cities. Anywhere that has tourist appeal will have postcards. I’ve gotten them at boosktores, visitor centers at parks and gift shops. The local park I just went to even had postcards for free for you to take. 

Another option is to buy online. You can buy cute sets like this Natural Curiosities Set or Pusheen!

You can buy these cool vintage look postcards from Paperwrld.

homemade postcard

Homemade Postcards

Homemade postcards are the best postcards! I always buy this kraft envelope set to send out letters and it comes with 5×7 notecards. I love to decorate these notecards and make my own homemade postcards.

Find great affordable stationery and crafting supplies on Journalsay so you can decorate all the postcards you want!

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