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Witchy October Bullet Journal Theme

Last October for my bullet journal, I did more of a Halloween theme. For this year, since I didn’t want to do the same thing, I decided on a witchy theme. I’m so excited about how this theme came out. It has exactly the vibe I was going for. Think witchy moon worshipping powerful women.

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Check out the difference between last year and this year:

Monthly Spread

October bullet journal spread
October 2019
october bullet journal
October 2020

This year the color scheme is more purples and browns, although I do use some orange still in other spreads for this month which you’ll see when you scroll down. 

This is also the first month I’m using my new Tombow brush pens. I’ve been practicing my hand lettering skills quite a lot these days. 

The little bottles next to the witch’s cauldron are labeled dragon blood, eyeballs, bat wings, and fingers. Eeek! I wonder what potion my witch is concocting. I also put a quote on the outline of the witch’s hat. I put “double, double, toil and trouble.” Classic!


Next up is my memories spread. I made a boo boo on this one too. I accidentally put 8 days to a week, so I had to cover that up with white out and the paper and mushroom on the left. 

The shelving full of potions and bottles and books is part of the witch’s collection as is the cat and grimoire I drew too. I love the little spiderweb I made in the “O” in October.

Witchy Mood Tracker

witchy mood tracker

My mood tracker is a bundle of witchy and Halloween-esque type objects: jack ‘o lantern, bones, ghosts, bat, potions, cauldron, witch hat. I put coffee in there too, gives it more of a fall vibe, but whatever, I do what I want!

This time instead of leaving the number side blank, I used my brush pens as a highlighter and made lines with alternate colors for each day. 

Witchy Expense Tracker & Habit Tracker

witchy expense and habit tracker

This month I decided on trying out an expense tracker to see if that did me any good. My husband and I have been trying to use an app, but I thought maybe writing it down might make a difference for us actually sticking to our budget for once, we’ll see!

On the right is the habit tracker. This month I chose not to write the number of the day into the box and instead put the row of numbers of each day on the top. That little blob next to my “yoga” tracker is a witch flying her broom and I have the big moon on the right. 


witchy october dailies

Here we have my daily list pages which I usually try to keep more open to have room, so I just put some witchy quotes on the bottom and drew a few small decorations. The “felix felicus” if you didn’t already guess is the lucky potion from Harry Potter. I couldn’t resist sneaking a little Harry into this theme.

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