You are currently viewing November Bullet Journal Theme (Free Printable!)

November Bullet Journal Theme (Free Printable!)

I wanted to be festive this year so for my November bullet journal theme this year I decided to focus on Thanksgiving; the food part especially. I also wanted to write down what I’m thankful for and remember what this time of year is about especially with all the turmoil and happenings in the world right now. 

A little something extra is included in this post as well, free printables! I scanned my Thanksgiving planner spread and Thankful spread for you to use too! You can have a cute colorful way to plan your Thanksgiving and write down what you’re thankful for this year. Scroll down to download the two spreads.

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Monthly Spread

november bullet journal monthly spread

For my monthly spread decided on a big colorful Cornucopia and a little turkey popping out behind it. I did a quote on the right hand side. I’m not too happy with how the quote came out, but you live and you learn. 

November Memories

november memories

As you know if you’ve seen some of my other BuJo spread posts, I do a memories spread each month. It’s kind of like a line a day. I give a small space each day to write out what was memorable. 

I made my calendar this month look like a lattice crust on a pie and I’m totally loving it. I’m digging the colorful turkey outline in the corner too. 

Mood Tracker

november bullet journal

My mood tracker this month is a giant pumpkin pie cut into many uneven slices. Each day will get colored in. I think my favorite part of this spread is my colorful brush lettering and the little pilgrim hat on the M. 

Habit Tracker & Thanksgiving

november bullet journal

My habit tracker is slightly different from last month. I’m trying out diagonal boxes for each day this time and I’ll shade in the day that I complete the habit for. 

I’m really excited about my Thanksgiving spread. I plan on filling it in as I plan on what I’m making this year and what plans with have with my family and in-laws. After Thanksgiving day is over, I’ll fill the bottom space with memories from that day. I think it’s a really cute way to highlight the holiday. This is the first time I’m doing a spread like this and I’m sure it won’t be the last. 


november dailies

I’ve been keeping the pages where I write my daily to-do lists quite simple. All I added in for this month was the month up top, a quote and hay doodle on the right hand side. 

I'm Thankful For...

november thankful

I added one final spread to this month. I decided to keep track of what I’m thankful for. Each day I write down one thing I’m thankful for and I illustrate it with a little doodle. I got the idea on Pinterest, the gold mine for BuJo spread ideas. 

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Some of my November Bullet Journal theme can be yours too! I made pdfs for you to download my thankful spread and thanksgiving planner spread! Just click the link and download the pdf to print it out. Enjoy!!

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