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My Favorite Book Series: Shades of Magic Trilogy

As I continue in this series of sharing my favorite books of all time, we move on to the Shades of Magic Trilogy by VE Schwab. It’s one of those series where I was physically sad when it was over. I wanted to start from book one and read it again cover to cover because it was just that amazing. 

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Shades of Magic Series by V.E. Schwab

This series was published a while ago. The first book came out in 2015. I read the trilogy for the first time five-ish years ago and have read it a couple more times since then. 

There are three books in the original series and some graphic novels about other characters in the Shades of Magic world. 

I’m also pleased to announce that V.E. Schwab is coming out with more books in the same universe! The Fragile Threads of Power was just published on September 26, 2023. I already have it on hold at the library.

#1 A Darker Shade of Magic

First up is the first book! This series takes place in London, but the kicker is its a multiverse with 4 different Londons. Our protagonist, Kell, is an Antari who has the super rare ability of traveling between worlds using blood magic.

He was adopted by the royal family and they use him as a courier to communicate with the rulers of the other Londons. Except one such trip between worlds goes disastrously wrong when he unknowingly brings back dark magic that could become deadly and consume his whole world. Fun times!

Besides the dark magic, he also brings Delilah Bard back to his London from a different world. She is a force unto herself and helps him defeat the forces of evil! 

#2 A Gathering of Shadows

Book number two is centered around The Element Games in Kell’s world. The Element Games are where magicians from around the empire compete for glory. 

While Kell is busy having to deal with the Element Games with his brother, Prince Rhy, Delilah has been out to sea becoming the pirate she always wanted to be and learning more about herself and her abilities. As always, Kell and Lila are drawn towards each other yet again and have to deal with an even bigger force of evil than before.

This magic is what destroyed Black London and now it wanted to lay claim to Kell’s world. 

#3 A Conjuring of Light

This final book in the series is where all conflict comes to a head. Many people die and difficult decisions must be made in order to save their world in any way they can. 

It’s constant edge-of-your-seat action. You won’t be able to put this book down until you read it to the very end. 

Shades of Magic Final Thoughts

There’s magic. There’s politics. There’s romance. There’s suspense. This series has everything you (and I!) could ever possibly want. 

I have to say the thing that I love the most about this series is Delilah Bard. She is so fierce. Lila is quite literally the reason Kell is still alive because she saves his butt so many times.

There’s also a romance between the two. It’s a lovely relationship with absolutely no conflict because all the conflict is saved for the main plotline in the series. Their romance is so natural, you’ll wander if there was ever a time when there wasn’t that crazy spark between them. 

When you read the series, let me know your thoughts below in the comments!

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