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Mail Art With Me: How to Decorate an Envelope

Learn how to make mail art with me! Today I’m decorating an envelope for a Harry Potter themed stationery swap. My swap partner is Gryffindor, we got to add that Gryffindor lion in! 

Read on for some great tips and tricks as you learn how to get creative with pen paling and happy mail! Watch the Youtube video below to see my decorate my envelope. 

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How Do I Make Mail Art?

I’ll start by saying there are really no rules for when it comes to making pretty mail art! You can try to follow what I do here and use some of my tips or you can totally go in the opposite direction. It’s really up to you and your creative flow. 

But first, for mail art, you’ll want supplies! Then it’s really just a process of envisioning what you think you want to do and letting your creative flow take over until you feel satisfied with it.

Mail Art Supplies: Envelopes

Obviously you will need an envelope! You can buy one or make one. I use kraft envelopes mostly because I like the way they look. 

You can make your own by using an envelope template or getting an envelope punch that assists you easily in making your own. I have a video for my We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch, see how easy it is to use! 

You can also recycle envelopes you get in the mail if you want to save some money.

The 4 Best We R Memory Keepers Products for Paper crafters

Mail Art Supplies: Decorating

As for the decorating part, the possibilities are endless! You can still with a pen and draw on your envelope. You can whip out some paint and create some artwork on it. You can do mixed media which is what I usually do and will go into more detail here. 

Mail Art Supplies Inspo

Mail Art Supplies Websites

Here’s a few of my favorite websites to buy stationery from.

I also wrote a blog post on the best stationery shops.

harry potter mail art

What is Mixed Media?

Mixed media is essentially using a combination of different types of materials to create art. The Harry Potter style mail art I create below to decorate the envelope is considered mixed media. 

Any of the materials I mentioned above (as well as many more I didn’t mention) used in any combination is mixed media art!

Can I See More Mail Art?

Check out my Envelope Art Inspiration post for many more photos of envelope art that I’ve done!

I also  have a pen paling/journaling Instagram with even more photos and reels of all my papery crafty creations!

How to Decorate An Envelope: My Creative Process

1. Start with an Idea: For me I usually do not know how an envelope is going to turn out when I start. I usually start with an idea like… I want it to be green, I want it to have mushrooms, or I want it to use a particular stationery item I have in mind. 

In this instance I wanted it to be Harry Potter, specifically Gryffindor themed. I already had the Harry Potter themed papery bits I wanted to use lined up. 

2. Pull out Some More Stationery:  With the theme I have in mine, I will then go through my craft supplies and pull out a bunch of different things that go in line with what I am thinking.

For my Harry Potter envelope, you’ll see in the video that I had my little Harry Potter pile, and then I had also pulled out some different papers, stamps, washi tape, and pens that all went with the theme.

I don’t usually use all of the stationery I take out, but it’s nice to have it in front of me to choose from.

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3. Imagine Some Different Layouts: One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to layout what you’re thinking you want to do before gluing anything down. Once you glue it down, it is a lot harder to change things!

So in the video, you’ll see me try out some different collages before I am satisfied and finally glue it all down. 

4. Play Around With Layering: Layering I think is key to a pretty piece of mixed media mail art. I always use different layers of paper, stickers, ephemera and stamps. 

5. Use Your Imagination!: Use your creativity to guide you. I just play around with what I have until it feels right to me. Like I said earlier, what feels right to me could be completely different from how you like to decorate, so go with your creative flow!

Mail Art With me: Youtube Video

Watch along as I create this Harry Potter themed mail art!

Interested in my craft area? Check out my Craft Desk Tour on Youtube.

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