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Journalsay Stationery Haul

I am so excited to share this Journalsay stationery haul with you! They were generous enough to send me this enormous box of goodies that I am dying to start crafting with.

Scroll to the bottom to watch the ASMR unboxing video on Youtube. Let’s dig in!

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Journalsay Stationery

It’s an affordable Asian stationery website that has a whole slew of great stationery to choose from for crafty types like me and you! 

There is so much from journals and brush pens to tons of stickers and ephemera. There is even more besides stationery. I got a cute ipad case too!

Journalsay Stationery Haul

When this box finally came in the mail, I could barely contain my excitement. I haven’t gotten a large haul like this in a while so it was truly a joy to go through.  

In a line here’s most of what I got: stickers, ephemera, wax seals, sealing wax, stamps, die cuts, clips, a large pencil case and an ipad case. 

All pictured below. This blog post will go through every single thing I got, so you can get it too!

Journalsay Stickers

Of course, we start with my favorite… stickers! I will always have way too many stickers than I need, but they are always perfect for paper crafting. Let’s get into what I got: 

Vintage Map Stamp Stickers — These guys are cool stamp shaped stickers with all sorts of maps on them. I think it’s perfect for my travel journal spreads!

Romantic Cafe Coffee Theme Stickers — I got two different types of the Romantic Cafe stickers. All coffee and pastries, but one has books and the other is more naturey with leaves. Super cute!

Wax Stamp Stickers (1, 2, & 3!) — I got three different sets of wax seal stickers. All the ones I picked out are actually probably some sort of plastic, but they look really nice and they’re already ready to go, so I am all for them. (but I of course got wax for my real seals too…linked below!)

Retro Label Receipt Stickers — These look like some classic vintage ephemera, but in sticker form. Great for some layering in spreads.

Garden Fragments Series Stickers —  I LOVE these stickers! They look like little faerie houses. They’re probably going to be those stickers I end up hoarding because I love them so much I don’t want to use them (I know you’ve done this before too!).

Glazed Window Holographic Stickers — Again some pretty awesome stickers here. They remind me of the windows in Beauty and the Beast. They are holographic too, so super pretty when the light catches them. 

Vintage Small Talk Text Stickers — These stickers are classics. We all love some cute words and phrases to add to our journal and snail mail spreads. 

Seasons Scenery Stickers — I picked out these beautiful autumn scenes for my travel journal. I love that I found these stickers. I might end up buying more of these.

Flower Girl Washi Tape — This is the only washi tape I picked out just because the rolls typically take up more space (which I’m lacking right now) than stickers. I couldn’t pass this one up though, it’s perfect for some mail art!

Journalsay Ephemera

Next up is ephemera, another big category! I love all my papery bits. They always seem to be perfect for layering in all my crafty spreads whether it be journaling, planning or snail mail. 

Butterfly Vintage Memo Pad — This is one of my favorite ephemera pieces I picked out on Journalsay. I love that the borders are perforated (see in the video below).

Handmade Paper — I always love some good handmade paper, so I picked out this cute package with a variety of textures. 

Nature Flower Windows and Doors (1 & 2!) — These ephemera packets come with transparent paper and regular paper with the designs on them. I adore these doorways and windows. 

Vintage Ephemera Sheets — This big pack of neutral colored ephemera is perfect for layering in journal spreads.

Plant and Flower Die-Cuts — Since I don’t have my die-cut machine while we’re traveling, I was super excited to find these die-cut packets! I adore these rose and flower die-cuts.

Vintage Flower Memo Pad — Perfect for naturey paper crafters. These neutral toned flower memo sheets are going to be used a lot in my journal spreads and mail!

Yamazaki Heritage Series Simple Border Memos — These framed memo sheets are perforated and great for layering in spreads. I’ve always wanted to get more frame ephemera like this, they are so versatile for paper crafting. 

Minimalist Frame Memo Pad — More framed memos! These are blue and green though and a little fancier than the ones above.

Retro Flower Ticket Ephemera — These are ticket shaped ephemera pieces that have flowers on them. I think they’ll be great for layering.

Vintage Frame Plant Memo Pad — I love my plant ephemera! These are perforated as well and will add nicely to my spreads.

ephemera journalsay stationery haul
ephemera journalsay stationery haul

Journalsay Wax Seals and Stamps

Wax seals are so elegant, they just take your crafts to the next level when you use them. Stamps, I think, are also an essential part of paper crafting. So of course I got a little of everything!

Merry Christmas Wax Seal — This seal is perfect for the holidays, I’m going to up my Christmas crafting this season!

Watering Can with Flowers Wax Seal — This adorable wax seal will definitely add that elegant touch to all my naturey themed craft spreads.

Rose Wax Seal — This rose wax seal is the definition of elegant! I already have a set of rose stamps so this seal will match with them perfectly. 

Wax Beads Set — This is the perfect color palette to go with my crafts, now I have plenty of wax to make some new wax seals with.

Vintage Coffee Stains and Ink Writing Wooden Stamp Set — This cute set of wooden stamps is exactly what I expected. I already used some and I love the patterns they create.

Old Handwriting Transparent Rubber Stamp Sheet — More handwriting because I am addicted to getting stamps with old handwriting. 

Leaves Transparent Rubber Stamp Sheet — I got these cute leaf stamps with my travel journal in mind. These will be perfect for hiking and national park journal spreads.

Stamp Brush — I’ve always wanted one of these! Now I can put ink on paper edges to make them look more aged and next level up in my crafting game.

stamps journalsay stationery haul

Clips and Cases

I love that Journalsay has a bunch of other products beyond stationery. I was looking through the many cases and bags they offer. Check out their daily necessities section to see what else they have.

Retro Lady Hand Clip — You know exactly which clip I’m talking about. Perfect for keeping those journal spreads open for Instagram pictures! It’s gorgeous too.

Mountain Journal Clip — Another gorgeous clip for taking photos of my spreads and it’s got mountains on it!!

Large Green Pencil Case — This truly large pencil case is a beautiful color and is currently holding everything I got in this stationery haul. 

Ipad Case — This sturdy padded iPad case is just what I needed.

I hope you enjoyed my stationery haul unboxing! If you want some ASMR or all the things I received in detail keep scrolling down to see the youtube video!

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Journalsay Stationery Haul Unboxing Video

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