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How to Make Book Page Paper Roses

Book Page Paper Roses are so fun and so easy to  make! They also make for great home decor that will never die from lack of watering (guilty!). And to top it all off, they are gorgeous!

Once you know the basic steps, you can use any sort of paper you want. You don’t have to stick to just book pages. You could try music sheets, maps, scrapbook paper, etc. The options are endless!

Check out my step by step instructions here with pictures and I have a Youtube video embedded below for all you visual learners out there like me. There’s also printable instructions below with a stencil!

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book page paper roses

Book Page Roses: Supplies

Minimal supplies are required for this craft too. You honestly might not even need to buy anything. They are that simple.

Make the Stencil

Your first step is to make a stencil to cut out the squares. Measure out and cut a 4-Inch square from the cardstock. This will be your stencil for all the roses you want to make from now on. 

If you want a bigger or smaller rose, all you have to do is cut the stencil according to the size you want. A bigger stencil will create a bigger rose and vice versa. 

Let's Start: Folding and Cutting

  1. Using your stencil, cut out THREE (3) squares from book pages.
book page paper roses three squares

2. Fold each square in half on the diagnol. 

3. Then fold each of those triangles in half two more times. (Each square should now be folded 3 times total)

book page paper roses

4. Cut folded end off all three triangles to create a small hole in the center when unfolded.

book page paper roses

5. Cut a half circle out of the other side of each triangle to create an ice-cream cone shape. 

book page paper roses

6. Unfold each and now you have three flowers.

book page paper roses three flowers

7. Cut 1 petal off the first flower, a 2-petal piece off the second flower, and a 3-petal piece off the third flower. Your pieces should look as pictured.

book page paper roses pieces

Don’t know what to do with your book page roses?

-Make a whole bouquet for your table.

-Mix them in with actual flowers to give a new look.

-Use in bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

-Change up the paper you use to make the rose for a different vibe. Make them out of music sheets and put on a piano.

-Turn a bunch of them into a wreath.

-Give them as elegant timeless gifts.

Curling Petals and Gluing Together

These are the final steps that turn old paper into a beautiful book page paper rose! Read carefully, you may want to watch the video below for some of these steps. 

8. With your toothpick, curl the end of each petal on the 3,5,6 & 7 petal pieces. 

book page paper roses petals

9. For the 1 & 2 petal pieces start curling from the side of the petal and then use your fingers to guide it into a cone shape.

book page paper roses petals
book page paper roses petals

10. Hot glue each of the 3,5,6 & 7 petal pieces together by the edges.

book page paper roses pieces

11. Put some glue around the bottom of the circle on the 6 petal piece and lay on top of the 7 petal piece. 

book page paper roses

12. Glue on the 5, 4, and 3 petal pieces the same way in order.


book page paper roses

13. For the 2 & 1 petal pieces, you can either cut the bottom off or poke it through the hole so it is even with the rest of your rose and not sticking out too much. Glue those in too.

book page paper roses last piece


book page paper roses


  • If you are a visual learner, the video will really help you!
  • If you are a paper quiller, you can use a quilling tool like I do in the video to curl the petals. Toothpicks work amazing too!
  • When cutting out the ice-cream cone shape for the petals, make sure the two end points of the cut are even otherwise you’ll have lumpy petals.
  • Make sure to really cut a half circle, if it’s more of a sloping hill, your petals will look flat.
  • The bigger the square paper you cut, the bigger your rose will be! Explore different sizes.
  • Try and glue your layers so the petals are asymmetrical to give it a more authentic look.

Watch the Video Tutorial!

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  1. Diana

    Though I have viewed quite a few tutorials, and learned a little bit from each, I must say that your finished product is the most beautiful of them all. I love them so much. I am going to make some….I do Quilling, and love working with paper. Thank you for sharing your talent…..I am so glad I found your site….it’s just remarkable. I am hooked.

    1. Melissa

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Diana! I love that you do paper quilling, I’ve dabbled in that as well. Papercrafts are so much fun! I will definitely continue to share more of them so keep checking in 🙂

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