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Have a Harry Potter Party!

This year I decided I wanted to have a Harry Potter Party for my birthday. Yes I am a grown adult and yes I still wanted it! I am slightly obsessed with Harry Potter (if you didn’t notice that already). 

Here’s what I did plus even more great ideas for you to have your own Harry Potter themed party. All ages welcome. 🙂

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harry potter party

Harry Potter Party Decorations

*Halloween Stuff

Halloween decorations are great for a Harry Potter Party. So take out your spider webs, spiders, pumpkins etc. If you’re doing a party in the fall you can carve some real pumpkins to put on the porch! 

I’ve got a little pumpkin, my fall leave mason jar and spiderwebs on my TV stand. I also put a pumpkin bowl filled with pinecones on my coffee table (pictured below).

*Harry Potter Books

Obviously the perfect way to compliment your Harry Potter party decor would be the actual books! I also have the first four illustrated books so I put those out as well. 

Harry Potter Party

*Harry Potter Merch

Any and all merchandise you have works great too. I have a little snowglobe, 3-D printed glasses (done at my local library!) and Pickett

*Harry Potter Printables and Homemade Decor

The printables really added the final touch I think to my decorations. I printed a bunch of Hogwarts letters and my husband helped me tape them on clear string so it looks like they’re all hanging. I used a template from More Than Thursdays which worked excellent.

I printed a little bunch of Daily Prophets I put on the table and tv stand. Moaning Myrtle went on the bathroom door and the Fat Lady went on my front door.

Not pictured is the toilet seat that had a print that says “Ministry of Magic this way” like this. And I printed a few magical creature prints and put them up on the wall in the living room. I also put all the emblems for the Hogwarts houses up on the wall too.

*Utilize Pinterest

Pinterest is your best friend! Most of the stuff I printed I found on there. Here is a Harry Potter Pinterest board I made where I gathered all my ideas for the party including pictures, printables, recipes and more.

*Diagon Alley Wall

Last but certainly not least, my husband helped me make an entrance to Diagon Alley using kraft paper, cardboard and sharpies. It looked pretty epic if you ask me!

We traced a brick on cardboard to get the shape and then used the cardboard brick as a template to trace on the kraft paper. Then we cut out some bits to make it look like the wall was opening. 

I put a sign on top that said Diagon Alley and that’s it!

Diagon Alley Wall Harry Potter

Harry Potter Party Activities

*Pick Your House

Once everyone got there, we passed around a phone and all took a house sorting quiz since we don’t have a sorting hat! Then everyone clipped on their house tie. Just a cute little activity to get the Harry Potter vibe going. 

*Pin the Scar on Harry

We also did a fun pin the scar on Harry game. We had a poster of Harry we put up. A bunch of precut lightning scars with sticky on the back. Each person was blind folded, spun around a couple times and then set free to try pin the lightning scar in the right place. 

We definitely had some fun with this one!

Check out my Pinterest board for some more Harry related games.

Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party Food

*Happee Birthdae Harry Cake

So I made my own birthday cake… You know the cake Hagrid made for Harry? That one! I did a chocolate cake, like my chocolate cake recipe and made delicious strawberry frosting from Minimalist Baker.  

It came out terrific! Don’t you think?

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

*Ferrero Rocher Snitches

This is a cute, easy idea for some Harry Potter themed goodies. Buy some Ferrero Rochers and use the printable from Party Delights for the snitch wings. Tape or glue on the wings and now you’ve got little golden snitch treats!

We even set it up so it looked like a Quidditch hoop on the table.

Harry Potter Party

*Roast Chicken and Pumpkin Pasties

Do a nice roast chicken or chicken legs for the main dish, like what Harry, Ron and Hermione get to eat in the Great Hall!

Add in some Pumpkin Pasties too. These are a staple in the Harry Potter world. My Pumpkin Pasties taste just like pumpkin pie. Be careful, they go down really easy!

*Treacle Tart

One of Harry’s famous desserts is Treacle Tart, a traditional British dessert. It’s really just a super simple, but very delicious pie.

Here’s my take on Marry Berry’s Treacle Tart.

I didn’t have enough time to go crazy with the Harry Potter themed food at my own party, I only stuck with the cake and chocolates, but don’t worry there’s plenty of other ideas on my Harry Potter Pinterest Board.

Harry Potter Party

Of course, you’ll need to have the Harry Potter movies on too! I was watching while I was setting up all the decorations and we had a movie playing during the party. When a movie wasn’t playing, we had the soundtracks playing on Spotify. 

Best party ever! 

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