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Gifts for Book Lovers: The Ultimate List 2023

It’s time for the Christmas shopping, so here’s the ultimate list of gifts for books lovers in your life. That is, gifts that are not books themselves! I know I could always use a little more bookish gear in my life.

I’m trying to support more small businesses on this list, but there’s also some Amazon and big box stores too, depending on your time constraints and preferences. 

You’ll find something for every book lover in your life in this list!

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$1.80 - $6.00

Cute and functional bookmarks to track your reading or just look pretty! Buy one set and you can print some for each bookish friend. On my With Love Melissa Print.


Cute bookish shirts, blankets, bags, pillows, candles and more to rep your love of reading! All from my Etsy shop.


These dark academia wooden bookmarks make a great budget friendly gift.


This is essential for all book lovers. 


Book lovers can adorn their bags with bookish merch.


A flexible clip on book light for night owl readers.


Don’t need to worry about getting water on these books!


I own these socks and I absolutely love them.


This cute sign is the perfect decoration for a book room.


For a book lover who also loves the kitchen, bookish cookie cutters!


Filled with bookish art and reader’s prompts, this journal for reader’s is a great addition to a book lover’s nightstand.

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Gifts for Book Lovers


Literary tea to drink while reading books.


Beads made from book pages, show your love of books in your jewelry.


Gotta have a bookish bag to tote around all the books you buy!


Lovely customized forest book plates for a book lover’s library.


My personal favorite, for dragon book lovers, get a book dragon mug!


Help your book lover protect their current read with a fancy book sleeve. This seller has many beautiful options!


Every book lover dreams about owning this.


A bookish travel mug to sip on your coffee while reading.


Snuggle up and read in a cosy bookish sweater.


This light up book can be opened and closed. Fall asleep to glowing books.


This beautiful necklace will have the book lover in your life drooling.

Book owners can take their library to the next level and emboss or stamp their books with their own book plate.


You can even cover your feet with books!


Every reader needs to lounge in the tub with a good book.


Any book lover would be sure to love this upcycled book page flower wreath and it’s Harry Potter pages!

Psst! You can do this yourself too–Here’s how to make your own Book Page Roses.


Buy your bookish bestie this fun advent calendar for Christmas!

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