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Geometric Watercolor Bookmarks

Geometric watercolors is something I stumbled across looking for craft program ideas for my day job as a librarian. I loved it so much I had to share. This is a fun easy craft that any ages can do! No experience or skill required. 

Just be creative and have fun!

Look at my step by step instructions and Youtube video below for guidance!

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Geometric Watercolor Supplies

Geometric Watercolor: Supplies

There are only a few things you need to get started on this craft:

A Note on Watercolor Paper: You can use different papers if you want, just know it may not hold the watercolors as well as the watercolor paper does. I also like the watercolor paper because it’s thicker which makes it perfect for a bookmark.

A note on Washi Tapes: I liked having different sizes on hand. The thick size I used for the outside border and the two smaller sizes were used interchangeably in the design which will explained down below. 

Geometric Watercolor: The Basics

Now that you have all your supplies, you can get started on your geometric watercolor project! I will walk you through the first few steps and then you have complete creative freedom. You can make either an art print from this using the whole page or make individual bookmarks like I did in the video. It is up to you! 

  1. First you have to tape down your paper to the desk/table with washi tape. I would use the 8mm for this. Try and keep it even putting half on the table and half on the paper all around. 
  2. For bookmarks put 4 strips across the paper as show in the picture. For a print, you don’t have to do this. 
Geometric Watercolor Supplies

2. Now with your thinner washi tapes you can make whatever design you want on the paper. Make diagonals, squares, stripes, all sorts of shapes. 

Washi Tape

3. Watercolor time! You can paint blocks of color, tie dye designs, pattern, whatever you want. 

Then you have to wait for the watercolors to dry. 


4. Once the watercolors are dry, draw whatever doodles you want over the watercolors. 

Draw on Designs

5. The final step for your geometric watercolor art is to take off all the washi tape! Be careful when you take off the tape, you don’t want it to peel up the paper. Once in a blue moon it does that. 

Cut along the lines if you decided on bookmarks.

Rip off Washi


geometric watercolor bookmarks

And this is the result with a whole sheet of watercolor paper instead of turning it into bookmarks! I love how this one came out as well! Looking for a good place to hang it up on my wall…

geometric watercolor

Pretty cool right?! I love the creativity that can come out of projects like this. You only have a couple guidelines to follow, but then it’s complete creative freedom all the way. 

What will you make?

Youtube Video

If you want some video guidance or you want to paint along with me, check out my Youtube video below of my Geometric Watercolor bookmarks!

As I was searching for examples for inspiration for this project, I came across another term: Watercolor Geopatterning. What do you think is better, Geometric Watercolor or Watercolor Geopatterning? 

As always, when you make this project, please leave a comment below on what you thought and how you did! I love to hear your feedback and your comments help other people to see my blog too so thank you! 

Need Ideas?

Check out this Pinterest Board I made of my inspiration for this craft. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas too!

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