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Where to Find Free Embroidery Patterns

If you want to get started with a new hobby this year, try embroidery! It’s a low cost hobby with so many ways to find free embroidery patterns online. Maximum fun for minimal cost! 

I made up a list of websites to find free patterns and some tips on how to make your own! Read on and find out. 

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Free Embroidery Patterns: Websites

First up is websites. There are hundreds of patterns, if not thousands, available online for free, so all you need to do is find one you like and get started!

1. DMC

DMC is one of the best places to find free patterns. They update their patterns regularly and there are hundreds to choose from. If you pick a free embroidery pattern, there’s an option to create your own kit so you can order the exact thread colors you need and get it shipped to your house. 

In addition to free embroidery patterns, they also have free patterns for other hobbies like cross stitch, knitting, punch needle, crochet, macrame, and needlepoint. 

Love Craft has thousands of free patterns from several different sources including DMC, so there might be some repeats. But it’s a good source nonetheless, for the sheer amount of freebies!

Creative Fabrica is one of my favorite craft sites for free graphics, fonts, patterns, and cut files. I recently discovered the free embroidery patterns section on the site that includes hand and machine embroidery patterns for all occasions.

The blogger behind Flamingo Toes, Bev, creates such lovely embroidery patterns! Try some of her embroidery patterns along with other free crafty projects like quilting and jewelry. 

MakenStitch is a needlework craft blog run by Gabriela. She has a ton of free embroidery patterns for all levels, beginner to advanced. All her patterns are too freaking cute!

Visit my crafting Instagram to see all my craft projects!

Cutesy Crafts is an amazing craft blog by Jessica. She has so many modern, adorable hand embroidery patterns for free and some great tutorials too.

Amina on Stitch Floral creates some really beautiful floral (obviously!) embroidery patterns. Learn how to embroider the cutest flowers! 

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Wild Olive is all about patterns! It’s not the easiest site to search through, but she has so many cute patterns, it’s worth the time. She also has 

Laura is a crafty mom who has so many cute free patterns on her blog. There are some really adorable felting and sewing projects too, great for families or kids!

A huge craft website with all the crafty projects you could need, Gathered has dozens of fun and different free embroidery patterns including this awesome mini dinosaur pattern! There are free projects for pendants, clothing and fabric plant pots too!

Free Embroidery Patterns: Make Your Own

There are a few different ways to make your own personal use embroidery patterns. Especially if you have a vision…just make it yourself!

1. Draw It Yourself

Free hand sketch a pattern you would like to embroider yourself! Draw it on paper first and then transfer it to your fabric to start embroidering. 

You could also draw it on Procreate and then print it on transfer paper.

With this website, you can easily turn a photo or artwork into an SVG. The feature photo for this post, The Avatar the Last Airbender gang, is fanart that I found on Pinterest and turned into an SVG with lines to easily trace onto fabric. 

Play around with it!

3. Any Old Picture!

I often just do a lot of googling or searching on Pinterest to find an image that I could trace onto fabric. It may not be a pattern in the traditional sense, but if you are comfortable figuring out what stitches to use, then you could technically embroider anything.

I hope you find some fun free embroidery patterns to turn into projects! The photos pictured in this blog post are explained in My Embroidery Projects So Far.

You can learn about Embroidery Supplies for beginners here.

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