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Pen Paling

Fandom Mail Art: Harry Potter & ATLA

What’s mail art you ask? It’s basically just super fancy envelopes and letters. Think almost scrapbooking or collaging except with mail. One of my many hobbies is pen paling and I love to take the time to decorate each and every letter I send out.

Each letter has it’s own theme and recently I’ve made a couple fandom mail art pieces that I wanted to share with you, from two of my favorite fandoms: Harry Potter and Avatar the Last Airbender. 

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avatar mail art

I find that my creative process has a mind of it’s own when I create letters. I get inspiration from one particular picture or idea and then sometimes it winds up completely different on paper than how I imagined it in my head. I just go with the flow because everything I end up creating, I absolutely adore. 

Harry Potter Mail Art

I loved this Harry Potter fandom mail art so much, I didn’t want to let it go when it came time to drop it at the post office to send out to my pen pal. 

harry potter mail art

This is the decorated envelope, which I veered towards yellow since my pen pal is a hufflepuff. I tried for a vintage look.

harry potter mail art

This is the letter and extras I put inside. The paper the letter is written on is tea stained which I did myself. I soaked regular white printer paper in black tea for about 15 minutes and then let the papers dry. 

I drew a grumpy sorting hat in the corner and on the bottom of the letter, I stamped out the beginning lines to Harry Potter Puppet Pals which will forever be stuck in my head!

I hand drew the HP on the bottom and Em on the top and made it look like the classic Harry Potter font. 

harry potter mail art

Besides the letter is the lovely vellum pocket I made and stuck all the extras into. Vellum is this amazing material that’s almost like parchment paper, but it’s sturdier and you can stick anything you want to it. I absolutely love it! I feel like it makes my mail more elegant somehow. It’s next level pen paling.

I decided on a bunch of extras since Em was so generous with what she sent me. First is Harry Potter stickers which I neatly put in a little vellum envelope that I stuck together with washi tape. Next is a mail tag with fall washi tape samples, it has the twine wrapped on top in the picture. I also included my favorite tea and some samples of the tea stained paper I made and other vintage papers. Las, but way not least is the adorable tickets I decorated with Harry, Ron and Hermione. 

This letter was a real joy to create.

Avatar the Last Airbender Mail Art

This wasn’t so much a letter as it was happy mail. Let me explain. I decided that during slow times (when I don’t have any pen pal letters to respond to), I would make happy mail for my close friends and family.

I decided to start with my brother. Since he and I both love Avatar, I decided to make him some fandom mail art. So since my brother lives ten minutes away, this isn’t quite a letter. Keep scrolling to see what I included inside instead.

This is the decorated envelope. I found the avatar font online and used it to type out my brother’s name. Cute faced Aang is chilling in the corner. I believe that picture is from the pilot episode. I put the four elements along with the show logo in the corner.

I wish I took a picture of the other side too. On the flip side, I lined the bottom with funny faces from Katara, Sokka, and Aang. There’s also a solemn faced Ninja Momo from when Aang was hallucinating from lack of sleep. 

avatar mail art

Inside the envelope, I included an assortment of things. First I made two vellum envelopes: one filled with stickers (including one of the famed cabbage man) and another filled with some of my favorite funny quotes from the show. 

I also wrapped up in twine a little ticket string with the many faces of Aang in all his glory. And the main part of the happy mail is I guess what you would call profiles of each of the main characters as well as a picture of the whole cast at the end of the show.

aang and katara mail art

First up is Aang and Katara. They each get a cool posing pic and a funny one. I love Aang’s face as he asks if there’s custard in the tart he sees *insert laughing emoji.* He also looks pretty bad ass in that pose like he’s about to save the world or something. Oh wait, it’s because he does.

Katara is the maternal glue that sticks team avatar together. She can go a little crazy too especially when bickering with Toph, her literal opposite.

toph and sokka mail art

The flipside is Toph and Sokka. Sokka is honestly one of the funniest characters of all time. Look at him, all high on cactus juice, it’s the quenchiest!

Must I say anything about Toph? She takes shit from no one and learned earth bending from badger moles. Like come on.

zuko mail art

Next we have Zuko and the best redemption story arc of all time. “Why am I so bad at being good?!” Don’t worry Zuko, you’re a good guy. 

And I included a map of the four nations who lived together in harmony until one day the fire nation attacked *say this in Katara’s narrating voice.*

iroh mail art

Then we have an honorable mention to Uncle Iroh whose unconditional love guided Zuko on the right path. “This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!” Never change Uncle Iroh, never change. 

Lastly is the one big happy family picture I mentioned, all of them dressed in what they wore in the last scene of the final episode. 

I was laughing practically the whole time I was making up this happy mail and of course I had avatar playing in the background. 

More fandom mail art to come! 

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