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Envelope Art Inspiration to Send Your Pen Pal

I’ve been pen paling for a few years now and I take photos of every single letter I write, so I’ve accumulated quite a lot of photos of my envelope art! I like to save them to look back on and I thought you would like to see some as inspiration for your own crafting.

Create with me! Here’s some envelope art inspiration for you. 

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I don’t know the exact number but I know I have written dozens of letters by now so this might end up being one post in a series.

As you can see I don’t seem to have one style that I keep to. I do all different color schemes and aesthetics using all the stationery I’ve collected and received. There should be something here for everyone. 

Envelope Art Mariana

How to Create Envelope Art

There is really no “right” way to decorate an envelope. I’ll tell you my secret…. It’s that when I sit down to craft, I never know what the final product will be. 

I may go into decorating with a feeling. Like I want to use greens today or I want a Christmas theme, but it’s usually a very vague idea of what the final product will be.

Then I just look through my craft drawers and start pulling any materials that I think I want to use. I usually don’t end up using all of them, but I like having a little collection of materials to look at as I’m trying to decide how to decorate.

These two letters featured above are some of my absolute favorites! The letter to marlo is super nature-y and green. The only idea in my head was that I wanted to use green. 

The other letter to Tori, I was using mostly neutral tones and materials that I won from a giveaway on Instagram. I love the way it looks so delicate. 

Envelope Art Gabriella

How to Choose Stationery

Usually I do a mix of everything I have. That means I use stickers, stamps, different papers, ephemera and maybe some ribbon and wax seals. I also have a bunch of vintage stamps I got from Hobby Lobby that I like to add on, which is what I did with the letter above.

If you’re just starting out, you can always get some stationery on Amazon. I got washi tape, tombow brush lettering pens, and tom holtz ephemera there. 

The envelope art for Gabriella’s letter turned into kind of a pink Paris theme with the Eiffel tower sticker I chose.

One of my favorite stationery sites is Paperwrld. They have the prettiest stationery and cute accessories like scissors, magnifiers, library date stamps, journals and more! 

Use my Coupon Code WITHLOVE15 to get 10% off your next order. 

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I hope you are enjoying all of my envelope art! Check out my Youtube for more crafty videos!

Mail Art: Hot Tips

  • Here are two tips for you while you decorate! First of all I think layering is key. As you can see in all my letters, there are multiple layers of paper, stickers and stamps.
  • The second thing is, don’t start gluing anything down until you are happy with it. I always lay out what I think I want to do and then get it to look the way I want before gluing it down.
Envelop Art Alexis

If you plan to pursue pen paling, I recommend you always take photos of your letter before you send it out. Since pen pal letters are not a thing you keep yourself and you are sending your artwork out to someone else, trust me when I say you will a photo to look back on what you made!

It’s a record of all your artwork. I might even make a photo album one day of all these pictures, just because I am so proud of what I created.

Themed Holiday Mail

I saved some of the best for last, the themed mail! I keep all my fall and christmas stationery stashed away until the season comes around and then I get to dig in every year. I am always excited for Christmas time, so it’s fun to be able to take out my holiday stationery when I start decorating for the season!

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I hope you enjoyed all my envelope art and it helps you find your own way with paper crafting and pen paling. It’s such a fun form of crafting and a great community to be a part of! 

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