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My Embroidery Projects So Far

So I started embroidery late last year as a complete beginner and I loved it the first moment I started! I wanted to show the embroidery projects that I’ve worked on so far.

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embroidery projects
embroidery projects

My Embroidery Projects: Otter Couple

We’re starting from the most recent and working our way backwards. This adorable otter couple is my latest project. I actually finished it right after creating this post. All I had left was the feet and tale of the second otter. 

This pattern didn’t involve any complex stitching, but I feel I did get better with making the thread look more like fur on the second otter. Imperfection really is key, I had to add some stitches sticking out so the tale didn’t look too perfect. 

The stitches required was just the typical backstitch, split stitch and satin stitch which are all super easy for beginners.

For this adorable otter pattern, I used Jessica Long’s book of Animal Embroidery. I adore her patterns so I bought her whole book because I plan on doing more than one!

It’s only $19.99 on Amazon. You could also buy individual patterns on her Etsy shop. She has some new patterns on there too that aren’t in the workbook and of course they are all gorgeous! I found her book at the library which I perused first before deciding to buy it.

My Embroidery Projects: Team Avatar

I am a long time fan of the Avatar the Last Airbender series. I watched it when it first came out and have rewatched it dozens of times since. It’s one of my favorites of all time!

So I thought it would be fun to do a cute Avatar embroidery. I used a tanned linen fabric I found on Amazon for this pattern.

To make this pattern, I used a website called Cute Cutter. It converts photos into black and white line art. I found a cute photo of the avatar family that I liked and played around with the settings on here so I could trace the outlines as a pattern. Then I used the Sulky Stick n Stitch to print the pattern onto and stick it to the fabric. 

embroidery projects avatar

Isn’t it just adorable?! I did have a little color bleeding from my thread when I rinsed off the stabilizer for some reason, but that’s a rare thing, especially since I used DMC thread

This was super easy to do as well, I just did split stitch the whole time. It makes the thread look more seamless I think. I absolutely adore the way this came out. 

Out of all the embroidery projects, I think this might have been the easiest since it was just line art.

My Embroidery Projects: Faeries Welcome

This pattern I bought on Etsy because I felt like indulging and I wanted something cute to decorate our RV with. I was doing this pattern while we were in the process of renovating the RV we now live in. 

If you look at the posts I linked, you’ll see I put this finished embroidery project right above our front door surrounded by Ivy leaves. I love the way it came out.

If I remember right all this pattern required was back stitch and split stitch. I added some french knots too to look like little faerie lights. 

If you look at the Etsy listing, I changed up the colors too from the original. I went for more muted pinks and greens and varying shades of brown.

embroidery project faeries

My Embroidery Projects: Flower Meadow

This flower meadow was my first embroidery project ever. Well not my first first (my first first was a cute tea towel that said Whisk Me Away, but I don’t have pictures of that *sad face*). 

I got this pattern for free on DMC’s website. I can’t find this exact one, unfortunately, but there are so many good ones on there. They also sort it by level beginner to advanced.

embroidery projects flowers

Funnily enough, this pattern had the biggest variety of stitches that I’ve done so far. The meadow has stem stitch, satin stitch, lazy daisy stitch and french knots. French knots were the hardest for me to get, they are a notoriously tricky stitch. 

I think my favorite stitch so far has been the lazy daisy which is used for the yellow flower petals. I also love the way the french knots look for my Queen Ann’s Lace flowers. 

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That is all my embroidery projects I’ve done so far. Not a ton I know, but if you didn’t already see from my other posts I tend to pack my schedule with a lot of other hobbies.😆 So stay tuned for more! I also put a lot of updates on my instagram stories — usually my crafting insta.

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