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Easy Macrame Keychain Mermaid Tail

Next in my MacraMay series is an easy Mermaid Tail Macrame Keychain! It’s a lovely little keychain that you can use to decorate your purse, car keys…anything! 

The Youtube video is below along with step-by-step pictures on how to make this cutie. 

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Macrame Keychain Supplies

There are very few supplies for this craft. That’s one of the things that makes macrame even better, all you really need is string and scissors! 

Here’s the little list of supplies and I linked what I used myself.

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ruler/Measuring Tape

You can do this craft with a single color of string if you prefer and of course you can do whatever color you want! It doesn’t have to be brown and green and like mine. 

Macrame Keychain Knots

There are 3 knots you will be doing for this craft: Lark’s Head Knot, Double Half Hitch Knot, and Wrapped Knot in that order. 

I have a video for basic macrame knots that includes the Lark’s Head Knot and the Wrapped Knot if you want to take a peek at that video as well! 

Macrame Keychain Directions

Here are step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to make my mermaid tail macrame keychain. I recommend watching the youtube video below if you aren’t familiar with the knots for this craft. 

1. Gather your supplies! You need 3 four-foot strings and 1 eighteen-inch string. 2 long strings are brown and 1 is green. The short string is green. 

You will also need a lobster claw clasp. 

Macrame Keychain

2. Fold your long strings in half and secure each one onto the clasp using the lark’s head knot. 

Macrame Keychain

3. Tape down the clasp onto your work surface. 

Macrame Keychain

4. Focus on the three left strings. Take the left most string and hold over the other two and knot in two double half hitch knots. 

I recommend watching the video for this! 

Macrame Keychain

5. Do the same thing on the right side. Take the right most string and hold it over the other two and knot two double half hitch knots. 

Macrame Keychain

6. Do one half hitch knot using the two middle strings to secure the first row. 

Knot 10 more rows for 11 rows total.

Macrame Keychain

7. For the last row, do the first double half hitch knot on the left side as normal. Then do the second double half hitch knot over both strings.

Do this with the other side as well. Do not do the single half hitch knot in the middle. 

Macrame Keychain

8. Do a wrapped know to finish off the keychain. Put the string in a U shape and then wrap around. 

Macrame Keychain

9. Put the string through the loop and pull the top string up to secure the knot. 

Cut the top string leftover from the wrapped knot. 

Macrame Keychain

10. Cut off the end to the length you want. 


Macrame Keychain

TIP! Put the green string in the middle to get a chevron effect. 

If you are not familiar with these knots, I highly recommend watching the video below. It is super helpful to watch someone do it. That is how I learned to macrame!

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