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Easy Macrame Bracelet

The final video for my MacraMay series is here! If you’ve made the other macrame creations in this series already, this project will be a piece of cake for you! It’s a simple beaded macrame bracelet that only requires one type of knot. 

As with all the others, you can follow the simple step-by-step instructions below with pictures, or you can scroll straight down to the Youtube video tutorial I made. Happy crafting!

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macrame bracelet

Macrame Bracelet Supplies

As with most macrame crafts, there are very few supplies you will need for this bracelet! 

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ruler/Measuring Tape

Just a note about the string and beads: I used a regular cotton string, nothing special. You can try this craft with twine, hemp, jute or really any string that you can knot! The beads I used in this picture are 10mm. I actually prefer the 8mm for this project.

Macrame Bracelet Knots

There is only one knot in this video! For the whole macrame bracelet and the slip knot, you will be doing a square knot. 

4 Beginners Macrame Knots

Macrame Bracelet Directions

Here are step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to make my easy macrame bracelet!

1.  Tie one regular knot a few inches down the 2ft string and tape down right above the knot. Put the 5ft string behind it. 

Macrame Bracelet 1

2. Tie three square knots around the 2ft string. 

Macrame Bracelet 2

3. String your first bead and put up to the knots. Tie the first half of the square knot around the bead. Tie the second half to finish the knot. 

Macrame Bracelet 3

4. Tie two more square knots. 

Macrame Bracelet 4

5.  String another bead and continue the same process until the bracelet is long enough to your liking. 

6. Finish the bracelet with the square knots at the end. Cut the two end strings, leaving the middle string on the bracelet. 

Macrame Bracelet 6

7. Put nail polish on the cut ends. This will seal the knot so those cut strings don’t loosen over time. 

Macrame Bracelet 8

8. Cut the two end strings to matching lengths. You want a few inches to have room to tie on the adjustable sliding knot. 

Macrame Bracelet 7

9. Put a bead on each end and tie a double knot to keep the bead from coming off. You could even put nail polish on the knot and attach the bead there so it doesn’t move. 

Macrame Bracelet 9

10. Put the two end strings together and tie three square knots around it using your 1.5ft string. Cut the ends after you tie the knots and put nail polish on those as well. Move it a couple times to make sure it slides and the nail polish doesn’t stick to the end strings. 

Macrame Bracelet 10


macrame bracelet

*NOTE: If you plan on using paracord or any sort of plastic string, you will need to burn the edges to seal the knots. Nail polish won’t work with those types of string.

Think out of the box and use different color beads and string! You can even dye the string using natural dyes. 

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