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DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

The first project in my MacraMay series is my easy macrame plant hanger tutorial!

I have made so many of these by now that I had to start giving them away to family. This macrame plant hanger is fun and a great craft to do at a craft night with friends! 

Scroll down for step-by-step instructions, a free printable diagram and Youtube video tutorial!

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Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger Supplies

You’ll only really need to buy 2 things for this craft and what you buy will most likely make you more than one plant hanger. I love macrame simply because of how cheap it is to have this as a hobby. 

So here is a list of what you will need!

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ruler/Measuring Tape

Macrame Plant Hanger Measurments

For the macrame cord, you will need eight 15-foot strands and one 5-foot strand.

Macrame Plant Hanger Instructions

Here are step by step instructions! There is a printable diagram below if you want to keep that to make these in the future.

Also check out my Basic Macrame Knots post and Youtube video for more basic macrame knot practice.

If you are more of a video learner, scroll down to the Youtube video tutorial!

  1. Put your eight 15-foot strands through the wooden ring halfway.
Macrame Plant Hanger1

2. Make a wrapped knot right below the wooden ring using the 5-foot strand. Make sure to cut both ends.

Macrame Plant Hanger2

3. Tape down the wooden ring on your work surface or hang on a hanger. Separate into 4 groups of 4 strings.

Macrame Plant Hanger3

4. Make a row of spiral knots into the first group of 4 strings that is 5-inches long. 

Macrame Plant Hanger4
Macrame Plant Hanger5

5. Do the same 5-inch row of spiral knots for all 4 groups of strings. 

Macrame Plant Hanger6

6. Measure out a 3-inch gap after the spiral knots and put down a piece of tape. Knot a 5-inch row of square knots into each of the 4 groups of string. 

Macrame Plant Hanger7
Macrame Plant Hanger8

7. Measure out a 5-inch gap after the row of square knots. Put down tape and knot a single square knot into each group of strings.

Macrame Plant Hanger9

8. Measure out a 5-gap after the single row of square knots. Using 2 strings from each group, combine the groups of string with a square knot. 

Macrame Plant Hanger10

9. Fold over the last two strings on the left side over to the right and combine with the remaining two strings on the right with a square knot.

Macrame Plant Hanger11

10. Measure a 7-inch gap and do one regular knot to combine all the strings together at the bottom. Cut the remainder string to the length you want and you can put little knots in each string to prevent it from fraying. 


Macrame Plant Hanger

Options! You can put beads on the bottom to decorate the tail strings. 

You can also measure out less of a gap in between the designs to make the macrame plant hanger smaller.

What Size Pots Fit in this Macrame Plant Hanger?

This I would say is a medium/large plant hanger fitting pots 5 inches and up. As mentioned right above you can always make it fit smaller pots by making it shorter!

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