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Completed Bullet Journal Flip Through

I used this notebook as my first bullet journal ever and since it is all filled up I thought I would do a bullet journal flip through so you can get some inspiration from my many spreads. 

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Why should I bullet journal?

Bullet journaling is a hobby I turned to when I was having a bad phase with my anxiety. Focusing on creating is what helped calm me down. After I got home from work I would sit on the couch, watch movies and work on my bujo spreads. 

I was able to channel my focus and creativity into planning and I loved it. Whether you’re turning to bullet journaling becuase you want to organize your life or you want to unleash your creativity, I guarantee it will also help you relax. 

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During my Bullet Journal Flip through, you will see..

You will notice a few things during my bullet journal flip through:

  1. I am using a regular lined notebook. You do not need anything fancy, you don’t even need the typical bulleted pages to make a bullet journal. It’s really the concept of bullet journaling that matters (which is still pretty flexibile in it of itself). Check out my Intro to Bullet Journaling Post to find out the method. 
  2. Some spreads are simple and some get more complex. It really depended on what I felt like dong in that moment. Sometimes I wanted the funcionality, like when I did my weekly spreads and sometimes I wanted it to be super pretty.
  3. I used this journal for a year and a half. It was a big notebook! So I put a lot in here and it was an incredible experience that I can now look back on and go to my favorite spreads to read what I’ve recorded.
  4. My practice evolved. I was completely new to bullet journaling when I first started this, so you’ll see as time goes on I change up spreads and experiment to see what works best for me. I even learned brush lettering towards the end to make it super fancy like all those spreads you see on Pinterest. 
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Use my Bullet Journal Flip through for inspiration

I tried out so many spreads in this journal, you are bound to find one you will like to use yourself! Between my monthly spread themes and all the individual other pages I added, there will be something for everyone in here. 

Some themes I chose include: Witchy, Studio Ghibli, Snow, Clouds, Easter, Harry Potter, Christmas, fireworks, pumpkins, succulents and more. 

Some spreads I added in include: podcast notes, self help book notes, favorite literary quotes, anxiety tracker, self care ideas spread, baking experiments notes, planned workouts, mood and habit trackers, travel vacation spread, work from home spread, gratitude log, goal planning, a spread solely devoted to sticky notes and more.

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Bullet Journal Supplies:

Remember you do not need to buy any special supplies to start bullet journaling, but if you wanted to get creative with it, here is some of what I used on a daily basis to create my spreads. Plus the bullet journal I ended up buying after I filled up my lined notebook. 

Pretty soon you can do your own bullet journal flip through videos!

  • Tumbitri Meri Bulleted Journal: I loved this bullet journal because it has thicker pages that ink or paint won’t bleed through. It also has built in index pages, ribbon page markers, and it comes with a ruler. And it’s a woman owned business!
  • Tombow Brush Calligraphy Pens: These are my favorite brush pens that I learned how to do calligraphy with to make my spreads even more beautiful. 
  • Sakura Pigma Micron Pens: These are archival quality waterproof ink pens. They draw really smoothly and I used them to create all of my spreads. 
  • Cheap Colorful Pens: I bought these because they were cheap and they actually lasted a long time before drying out. They work great to add some color to your spreads if you’re not into brush pens. 

My Favorite Stationery Websites: PaperWrld and Journalsay

I love because of the cute reasonably priced supplies they have. I’ve gotten cute scissors, stamps and ephemera that I use all the time during my crafting and they also have a whole section for Bullet Journals and Bullet Journal Supplies

Journalsay is another favorite of mine with very affordably priced stationery and crafts! I love all the ephemera they have and I even got my iPad case here as well. Plus the great journal selection they have!

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Watch the Youtube video below for my full Bullet Journal Flip through. Tell me what spreads you plan on doing in the comments below!

Completed Bullet Journal Flip through

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