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Book Page Heart Garland — Book Paper Chain

This book page garland is the perfect easy craft to spice up your home for Valentine’s Day. It’s great to do with kids too! Made with twine and book pages, this heart garland has some rustic flare to it. Let’s get crafting!

Craft along to my Youtube video linked below. And don’t forget to print out the heart template to trace your hearts!

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Book Page Heart Garland

Book Page Heart Garland: Supplies

There’s only a few supplies you need for this craft:

If you don’t have twine or want to use something else, you can use whatever string you want. You can also use some different paper too. I added a few kraft paper hearts into my garland to mix it up and I love how it looks!

Also if you don’t have a hole punch, that’s fine too. You can just poke a hole with your scissors.

book page heart garland

Book Page Heart Garland: Directions

This craft is pretty self explanatory, but here’s step by step instructions with pictures. You can also watch the Youtube video linked below. 

  1. Gather your supplies. Cut out your heart template on a piece of cardstock. 
book page heart garland directions

2. Trace as many hearts as you can on the words of a book page. Try not trace onto the blank parts. I was able to fit 4 hearts on one book page. 

book page heart garland directions

3. Cut out a bunch of hearts! I cut out 20. 

4. Punch a hole into the top center of each heart. If you don’t have a hole punch, you can poke a hole with your scissors or a sharp pencil. 

book page heart garland directions

5. Measure the area you want to put the garland and cut the twine to the length you want. Then string on all the hearts. 

book page heart garland directions

6. Tie a knot on each end to make a loop so the garland can be hung up. 

7. Space out the hearts on the garland evenly. Hang up and admire!


Book Page Heart Garland

Where can I put my heart garland?

You can hang it up wherever you want! Just tie a loop at each end to hang it up somewhere. 

I put it on my wood pallet refurbished tv stand and it looks adorable. You can hang it by windows or along stairs or even just on the wall. Maybe the garland will lead the way to your partner’s Valentine’s Day present!

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Youtube Video

Craft along with  me as I make my book page heart garland! 

Don’t forget the heart template to trace out your hearts! There are two size options: 3″ or 4″ wide. I used the 3″ template.

Also, I recommend printing it out on cardstock so it’s sturdier to trace with. 

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