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Best LGBTQ Romance

This lovely list is for the best LGBTQ romance! As you all know from past posts, I love romance books. It’s just the perfect escape to be enthralled by a beautiful love story. 

Below is a mix of contemporary romance, historical, and fantasy. Some are light and heart warming, others deal with more serious topics, but have transcendent love stories. All are published within the past five years.

Get yourself wrapped up in your next lgbtq romance! and Happy Pride!

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Best LGBTQ Romance

the song of achilles best lgbtq romance

The Song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller


Mythological gay reads for the win with this Trojan love story. Miller bases her story off the theory that Achilles and Patroclus were lovers. Miller follows the story most accurately from mythology. When Patroclus is exiled from his home because he killed a man of noble birth, he meets Achilles. They fall for one another and form a deep bond. 

When Achilles ultimately goes to war against Troy, Patroclus follows him. If you know the story of Achilles, you know it’s ends in tragedy. 

I love that we get to view this traditional story in a new light and from Patroclus perspective. Miller created a heartbreaking love story and quite a magnificent reinvention of the story of Achilles.  

best lgbtq romance meet cute club

Meet Cute Club, by Jack Harbon


Jordan Collins loves romance novels. He also loves his romance book club, the Meet Cute Club, but he fears it’s steadily dying out as the number of members keeps dwindling. Cue in Rex, the new local bookstore employee who has been constantly annoying and teasing Jordan over his preferred choice of novels. Rex, funnily enough might be the ally Jordan needs to keep his book club alive after he asks to join the Meet Cute Club. 

Enemies to lovers, check. Cute banter, check. Just enough romance scenes, check. What we have here is a cute, easy breezy, and a little bit steamy contemporary romance! I’m also always going to say yes to books about books.

best lgbtq romance chefs kiss

Chef's Kiss, by TJ Alexander


Simone has everything she’s ever wanted as a pastry expert working for a venerable cookbook company. Behind the scenes, she gets to test recipes to her heart’s content, but the new test kitchen manager, Ray is the bane of her existence. We have another enemies to lovers here. 

Simone is forced to work alongside Ray as they reinvigorate the publisher’s brand with by pivoting to video. She soon softens for Ray, and as they come out as nonbinary to the rest of the staff, Simone must choose between her beloved career and the person who has stolen her heart. 

Food is always a topic I will be into, especially pastries, yum! So with that excellent back drop and a delightful romance, I am all in. 

ladys guide to celestial mechanics

The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics, by Olivia Waite


This is the book everyone seems to recommend if you want to branch into f/f romance and I can see why because it is quite the amazing story. It’s got bad ass women in science trying to rebel against the patriarchy with some amazing romance on the side. 

Burned by her former lover when she marries a man to secure her inheritance, Lucy Muchelney strikes out to London to offer to edit Oleron, a groundbreaking French astronomy text. She goes to the Countess of Moth, Catherine St. Day and their attraction is immediately apparent. So while Lucy spends her day translating the complicated astronomical text, she spends her nights with Catherine.

Their romance is beautiful and this storyline is fantastic. There’s also a twist at the end that is slightly predictable, but is so perfect! I highly recommend this read.

the perfect crimes of marian hayes

The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes, by Cat Sebastian


This is Sebastian’s second novel in the Kit Webb world coming after the The Queer Principles of Kit Webb which I loved and reviewed here. This novel overlaps a bit with the first one and answers the lingering questions we were left with at the end. We have two bisexual main characters in this f/m romance who commit theft and crime as they flee across the country.

Here is a humorous, steamy romance here with only one bed, and road trip tropes for you. Count me in! 

best lgbtq romance something to talk about

Something to Talk About, by Meryl Wilsner


Bigshot Hollywood writer Jo is photographed making her assistant Emma laugh on the red carpet which sends rumors flying about their relationship. As the gossip spreads, they have to deal with paparazzi and coworkers treating them differently. But as Jo and Emma spend more time together while the launch of Jo’s next film is approaching, the rumors may just become true!

Read this sweet slow-burn romance and watch Emma and Jo fall for each other as they fend off rumors and gossip. They seem to be quite different people, but the romantic tension is palpable! 

the secret life of albert entwistle

The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle, by Matt Cain


Albert Entwistle has no friends, family, or hobbies. He centers his world around his job at the post office. That is, until he gets a letter that he is being forced into retirement. Now what? 

Albert decides on a plan to finally start living! He’s going to find his long lost love and stop denying himself happiness like he has his entire life. This sweet, heart warming, life affirming story is perfect for fans of Fredrik Backman and TJ Klune.

Who doesn’t love a story like this?!

red white and royal blue

Red, White and Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston


I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of this book yet! It has been raved about nonstop and deserves every word of praise it receives. Do yourself a favor and read it immediately!

First son Alex Claremont has to repair American/British relations for his mother (the President!), by having a fake friendship with his long time nemesis, Prince Henry. The only thing is, this fake friendship rapidly becomes a very real romance that could derail his mother’s campaign and upend the two nations. The sparks between Alex and Henry are so well written. Their romance really leaps off the page!

the house in the cerulean sea

The House in the Cerulean Sea, by TJ Klune


Here’s another heart warming, magical story for you! Linus Baker leads a quiet life as a case worker for the Department  in Charge of Magical Youth. That is until he is given a super high classified assignment to go to the Marsyas Island Orphanage to determine whether or not the six dangerous magical children there are likely to bring about the end of the world. After meeting the children and their kind caretaker, Arthur as well as their long held secrets, Linus must make a choice to destroy a home or watch the world burn. 

This is a TBR for me that I am extremely excited about. The romance is not the central part of the story, but I had to include it in this list. Arthur and Linus seem perfect for each other. This is a heart warming novel that deals with serious topics, like prejudice and complacency, but also celebrates love in all its forms. 

the best lgbtq romance boyfriend material

Boyfriend Material, by Alexis Hall


Alexis Hall nailed it with this solid M/M lgbtq contemporary romance! First we are introduced to Luc O’Donnell whose very much in the public eye and very much in need of a perfect fake boyfriend to repair his reputation. In comes Oliver Blackwood whose a lawyer, an ethical vegetarian and an all around great guy. We all know where this is going. You will love reading on as you see Luc and Oliver fall for each other!

The best part is book #2, Husband Material is coming out on August! 

one last stop best lgbtq romance

One Last Stop, by Casey McQuiston


Coming from the author of Red, White & Royal Blue is her latest novel, this time a F/F lgbtq romance. August has recently moved to New York and does not believe in those epic love stories you see in the movies. Little does she know she will fall into one herself when she meets dazzling, mysterious Jane on her subway commute to work. The only problem is Jane is not just dressing like she enjoys the 1970’s, she is actually lost in time and needs August’s help. 

So we got a cute, sci-fi LGBTQ romance that I am 100% here for!

you made a fool of death with your beauty

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty, by Akwaeke Emezi


Here we have a more serious book dealing with the loss of a partner, the process of grieving and healing. This is a M/F romance with two bisexual main characters. Feyi has lost her husband in a car accident and after five years of grieving, she’s ready to get herself back out there again.

What follows is her exploring romantic relationships with different men who understand her in different ways. This is a complex narrative filled with raw emotion and sexual tension. Read this if you want something more beyond the casual contemporary romance.   

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Best LGBTQ Romance

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