You are currently viewing 10 Science Fiction Books by BIPOC Authors

10 Science Fiction Books by BIPOC Authors

We need more science fiction by BIPOC authors!

One of the categories on my 2023 reading challenge is exactly that, so you can explore this genre some more and diversify your reading. Pick a book from this list to read to fulfill this category for the reading challenge if you are having trouble with deciding what to read.

I love this selection of books, so let’s get right into this list.  

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10 Science Fiction Books by BIPOC Authors

sci fi by bipoc authors noor

Noor by Nnedi Okorafor


Anwuli Okwudili prefers to be called AO which she thinks stands for articial organism. There is more to her that is robot than human. She has completely accepted who she is, but others prejudices cause her life to take a crazy shift one day at the local market. 

There is a major organization in this book that controls everything and is basically a thinly veiled version of Amazon, so expect some amazing social commentary in this novel. It’s short too if you need something quick to read!

sci fi by bipoc authors memory librarian

The Memory Librarian by Janelle Monae


Whoever controls our memories controls the future.

This book of short stories is tied together with that one line. Think governemtn control, dystopia, and some crazy technology. I am excited to finally start digging into this. If you don’t want to read a whole novel for the reading challenge, keep it fresh with this anthology of short stories. 

sci fi by bipoc authors
sci fi by bipoc authors atlas six

The Atlas Six & The Atlas Paradox by Olivie Blake


The Alexandrian Society, a large secret organization of knowledge, collects the most powerful magicans in the world to increase its vast holdings of knowledge. Every ten years, six are chosen for the initiate process. Only five can survive. 

This plot driven, magical tale is one of the best series I have read in a while. I devoured the two books in the series and am waiting on the third to be published and release me from this agony of waiting to find out the end! I highly recommend this series!

sci fi by bipoc authors the city we became

The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin


Every city has a soul. Some are as ancient as myths, and others are as new and destructive as children. New York City? She’s got five. But every city also has a dark side. A roiling, ancient evil stirs beneath the earth, threatening to destroy the city and her five protectors unless they can come together and stop it once and for all.

A city that’s alive? Count me in from award winning author, N.K. Jemisin.

sci fi by bipoc authors unkindness of ghosts

An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon


This cool queer scifi is based in the stars on a twisted antebellum south-like spaceship. Aster lives in the slums of the HSS Matilda. As a dark-skinned sharecropper, she is considered less than human. Mystery surrounding Aster’s mother’s long past suicide lead her to find a way off the ship if she is willing to fight for it. 

Solomon brings an exploration sexuality, gender identity and slavery into space. 

sci fi by bipoc authors mongrel

Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones


This dark coming-of-age story follows a boy whose always been an outsider and must find where he belongs. It’s a compelling tale, but often violent tale that highlights his challenges as he decides to fit in with his aunt and uncle or the people on the other side of the tracks. 

This novel may not be for the faint of heart with graphic depictions of animal abuse, but there are still many four and five star reviews on goodreads so I decided to include it on this list. Try it out and let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

moon of the crusted snow

Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice


In this post-apocalyptic thriller, a small Anishinaabe community struggles through the winter after their power goes out. Panic builds as supplies dwindle and the community’s leaders struggle to maintain peace. As tensions and the death toll rise, a group of families in the town turn to their Anishinaabe tradition in the hopes of strengthening their community through the chaos. As one society crumbles, another is reborn. 

This haunting tale combines allegory with suspense. Great for fans of horror, suspense and dystopia.

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Science Fiction by BIPOC Authors

riot baby

Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebochi


At under 200 pages, this genre blurring novel is a great read for those who want something quick. Ella has a devastating power. Her brother, Kev, tries to protect her from this power that could destroy her, but when he’s incarcerated, she must learn herself to live with this ability to wreck entire cities. 

Set in L.A. as the city burns, this is as much a global dystopian narrative as it is a story of the black American experience. This is definitely on my tbr list!

the deep sky 2023 bipoc

The Deep Sky by Yume Kitasei


This enthralling sci-fi thriller is set in deep space with a generation of highly-trained graduates as the last hope for humanity. They will give birth to a new generation on a new planet. However, halfway to their destination a bomb kills the crew and knocks the ship off course. 

Asuka is already struggling with her identity as she is suspected of sabotaging the mission. She was chosen to represent Japan even though she is a half-Japanese girl raised in America. With no one she cares about back on Earth, this mission is all she has, so she is determined to uncover the mystery before the bomber strikes again. 

You will be at the edge of your seat reading this enthralling, epic deep space thriller! 

scourge between stars 2023

The Scourge Between Stars by Ness Brown


Here’s another short novel coming in at under 200 pages. Sci fi meets horror as a ship flies back to Earth after abandoning a failed colony on a distant planet. Tensions rise as acting Captain Jacklyn must fly them through interstellar space in one piece. Along with the threats of starvation and destruction, an unknown intruder starts picking off crew members one by one. Jacklyn must him them down before all is lost.

Sounds like a good creepy thriller!

I hope you find something you like in this list! As the year goes on, I will be posting more book lists for categories on the 2023 Reading Challenge so you can have somewhere to find ideas on what to read next! 

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